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Runway Rehabilitation Program

About the Project


Haul Routes/ Road Closure

In an effort to reduce the truck traffic on residential streets, our project stakeholders worked with and sought approval from the City of Charlottetown on our haul routes and were granted access from the perimeter highway to the construction site.

There are no intended road closures required at this time for this project.



To minimize the effects of dust associated with the construction activity on the airport property, a number of mitigation measures will be incorporated including ensuring dust control through the application of water in all construction areas and limiting the speed of construction traffic on airside haul routes.
The project will not result in any significant adverse impact to air quality.



While the airport is operational 24 hours/day, the project will result in an increase in the number of aircraft that will use Runway 10-28 during construction. The use of Runway 10-28 and the decommissioning of Runway 03-21 will result in the use of different approaches by the aircrafts however it is not expected that the project will result in any significant adverse impacts as a result of construction/aircraft noise.


Environmental Protection

Efforts to reduce the risks associated with environmental protection were initiated at the outset of this project and will be ongoing through construction.


Wildlife Management

The project will not result in any significant adverse impact to existing wildlife or wildlife habitat. The project will be undertaken within the existing developed area of the airport. 


Safety & Security

The CAA has developed a thorough safety and security plan for this project which will engage staff in actively monitoring and identifying hazards.

Safety is the top priority for the CAA and they will continue to work diligently in providing a safe and secure operation.